CPMS will buy back your used Laser printer cartridges, if bought from CPMS and/or Original Cartridges bought from other suppliers, for us to RE-CYCLE & RE-MANUFATURE new printer cartridges that WE SELL BACK TO THE PUBLICK FOR UP TO 100% LESS than a original printer cartridge. Its tough to argue with figures like that.

Average printer cartridges are composed of 40% plastic, 40% metal and smaller percentages of rubber, paper, foam, and toner. These plastics are not very biodegradable and can stay in landfills for close to a 1000 years

So help us save your money while you help us protect the environment and save the human race.

For any additional information, go to “CONTACT” and you will be transferred to our contact form where you enter the necessary information and give us a list of your cartridges, cartridges codes are required.

We will reply advising which cartridges we require and the price that we are prepared to pay. If an agreement is reached, the cartridges must be delivered to CPMS for a cash payment.