Operating within the corporate and retail sectors, customers throughout South Africa rely on us for cost-effective laser toner cartridge supplies.

Our Cape Town facility is one of the leading sites for laser toner manufacturing in the country, and our QS laser cartridge is created to meet all OEM specifications. Our high-standard of construction are backed up by a 100% laser cartridge warranty.

With assembly carried out by trained technicians and extensive testing done in our factory as well as in the field, we're confident our toner supplies offer the best value for money available today.

At CPMS we appreciate the importance of reliable laser printers and our toner manufacturing will save you money without compromising on the original specifications of the toner supplies to fit your machine. Of course, saving money is just one benefit, by choosing toner supplies from CPMS you'll also be helping to protect the environment too, reducing the number of empty toner cartridges that end their days in landfill sites.

For more information on our toner manufacturing, or turnkey toner supplies - visit our Contact page now to get in touch, one of our team will be happy to help.